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  • Toughened and stretch resistant tough woven nylon wireanot entangled;High purity alupminum alloy,Anodizing process Wear and scratch resistance;2.4A Max Current, Fast Charging.

  • Spring data cable Elastic spring Data transmission 2.4A current charging;spring with alloy protection, Spring nylon braided data cable 36cm -- 150cm.

  • Latest flat data cable,2.4A charging,Charging+data transmission;New upgraded TPE wtire,UR word net design +aluminum alloy material;Built-in smart charging protection chip with.

  • Automatically match the curcent required by the device;short circuit protection,protect battery life;Braided wire,strong and durable,Zinc alloy plating process,Charging/transmission 2 in 1

  • Zinc alloy plating interface;Upgrade smart chip,Fast Charge Agreement;Zinc alloy faster heat dissipation;Nylon braided wire Environmentally friendly flame retardant material.

  • Timing Power Off Data Cable,Time display safe charging, real-time mornitoring, Prevent overcharging and damage of the mobile phone;Anti-pull nylon braided wire cover not easy to break.

  • 2 In 1 Mini 90 Degree Earphone Charging Splitter Audio Cable Adapter For Lightning;Upgrade intelligent decoding chip intelligent identification;charging + headset voice at same time.

  • Ring Buckle Holder Ring buckle can also be used as a mobile phone holder;Lossless sound quality upgrade dual chip;Soft TPE 180° elbow design;Ring buckle stabilized against falling .