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  • BASEUS “NGD01-09” Encok...

    价格 US$ 14.19

    Fashionable and simple appearance、Hi-Fi stereo、Comfortable to wear、Long battery endurance、Bluetooth / wired earphone dual mode、Small and portable

  • BASEUS Wired earphones...

    价格 US$ 25.89

    In the world of high-intensity FPS.TPS and fast-paced racing games. Meet GAMO,the world's first exclusive gamingearpiece with 3D ReCuttingTM Audio. 

  • The 10mm separated sound chamber with composite diaphragm is used to debug the frequency responseof the game sound effect , with microphone 3.5mm plug 1.2m cable,Wired Stereo Earphone

  • BASEUS NGS16-01 Encok Neck...

    价格 US$ 14.99

    Wear stably (neck hung)、Magnetic fixture、High fidelity music、Long battery endurance、Widely compatible、Stylish simple shape

  • BASEUS NGS30-0A Encok...

    价格 US$ 9.19

    Round ergonomic design for a comfortable fit;V5.0, low power connection is more stable;Fully independent sound cavity, heavy bass;Double-line control box, balance weight left and right, not messy