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  • USAMS US-ZB005 3USB plug...

    价格 US$ 4.69

    Plug-in board combined with USB;Intelligent shunting;Charge level jack is fully enclosed;3C certification for safe use;Scientific design allows equipment to be safely charged

  • Intelligent digital display dual USB fast charge;Current and voltage function automatically alternates;2.2A fast charging;US plug, multi-country, traveling easily charge;fire retardant shell

  • USAMS US-CC069 T14 CN/EU...

    价格 US$ 3.59

    With the original / Apple certified PD3.0 line to achieve PD fast charging effect;Support charging 5V/9V/12V three-voltage mobile phones;In the majority of the world countries / regions can be used

  • Built-in BC1.2 smart chip, fast charging;Smart LED display, voltage and current monitoring;Dual outputs, charging 2 devices at the same time;CE certification, fireproof PC shell.

  • USAMS...

    价格 US$ 1.29

    Dual outputs, charge 2 devices at the same time; Smart adaptation current, safe and fast;ABS material, durable in useInnovative cylindrical design, small and portable.

  • QC3.0 fast charge chip, flash charging;Smart adaptation of current, fast and stable;ABS material, durable in use;Broadband voltage, convenient and universal.

  • USAMS US-CC003 Universal...

    价格 US$ 1.99

    3 in 1 Universal Socket(Global Suitable);Detachable Design;Superior ABS Shell Material;Anti-Slip Groove Design;Safe using,Currency Protection

  • 2-in-1 Dual USB charging experience;3.4A high current output;Universal compatibility;over high voltage test, overcurrent overload protection, temperature control protection

  • USAMS US-CC036 small...

    价格 US$ 1.49

    1.2A smart USB car charger; smart adapter USB interface; smart chip seven protection; charging is not hot; seamless injection molding

  • Mini efficient Dual-port without waiting;3.4A intelligent shunt;Fireproof ABS shell, stable flame retardant;Widely applicable

  • Mini Size,portable and convenient;Dual USB ports,two devices use together;2.4A current, intelligent identification;Fireproof PC material, durable in use.

  • 4.8A intelligent current,fast charging;Small and portable, exquisite and fashion;Dual USB output,charging 2 devices at same time;Aluminum alloy material

  • 3.1A smart shunt, fast charging;Dual USB, charging 2 devices at same time; Mini size, portable to carry;PC material, duable in use

  • Connected car audio, support devices’ Bluetooth / U disk music play; Music memory power-off support; Hands-free calling, audio navigation;Dual port output, charging 2 devices at the same time.

  • USAMS US-SJ224 U5 Lightning...

    价格 US$ 29.19

    2A current,stable in charging and data transfer;Aluminium shell+braided cable,long service life;With round Micro port;Flex Resistance Design

  • PVC material, durable in use;2.0A ,Charging and data transmission;Creative ice-cream design,fashionable;Trickle charging, safe in use.

  • USAMS US-SJ266 U18...

    价格 US$ 0.69

    2.0A current, charging and data transmission;PVC material, durable in use;Round plug design, novel appearance;Trickle charging, protect the phone

  • USAMS US-SJ283 U23...

    价格 US$ 1.19

    2.0A current, fast charging; charging transmission two in one, efficient and convenient;rickle charge, do not burn, do not hurt the machine; TPE wire material, tensile and wear resistant.

  • USAMS US-SJ311 U26...

    价格 US$ 33.49

    2.0A current, charging and transmission at the same time;Soft indicator, convenient to charge at night;Aluminum alloy shell, durable in use;Nylon braided material, lengthen and strengthen with TPE.

  • USAMS US-SJ333 U29...

    价格 US$ 2.39

    Magnetic design, dust-proof and charging;Upgrade smart chip, 2.4A fast charging;Soft indicator light, convenient to charge;Aluminum Alloy+Nylon braided, durable in use.

  • USAMS US-SJ341 U13 Type-C...

    价格 US$ 3.99

    Smart chip, automatic power-off after fully charged; Right-angle design, enjoy playing game; Soft indicator light, convenient to charge at night;Charging and data transmission, durable in use.

  • USAMS US-SJ350 U31 Type-C...

    价格 US$ 3.39

    PD fast charging, safe and stable; Big current, data transmission support;Zinc alloy shell, firm and anti-pull;Nylon braided cable, durable in use.

  • Magnetic design, dust-proof and charging;Fast charging, support data transmission; Soft ring-shaped light, convenient to charge;Aluminum alloy+ nylon braided material, durable in use.

  • USAMS US-SJ360 U33...

    价格 US$ 1.69

    Reversible USB, can plug both sides;2A Current, data transfer support;With lengthen SR, durable in use;Aluminum shell+nylon braided cable, long service life.

  • Full copper core, 2.0A high current output;PVC wire body is softer and not knotted;TPE plug nickel plating process;Charging / transmission two in one

  • USAMS US-ZJ013 popular...

    价格 US$ 2.39

     Magnetic Phone Holder Air Vent Mount magnetic car holder 360 Degree Ratotable universal support;Solid anti-bump, not falling;ABS environmentally friendly silicone, does not hurt the phone

  • Cute appearance, small size;Natural plant essential oil, elegant and fresh;Solid fragrance, healthy and safe;Aluminum alloy material, durable in use.

  • USAMS US-ZJ022 Yuechi...

    价格 US$ 3.99

    Metal magnetic in-car air outlet mount mobile phone holder aluminum alloy and oxidation Process materials lightweight and mini size

  • USAMS US-ZJ023 magnetic...

    价格 US$ 4.49

    Magnetic adsorption, strong and stable;360°rotatable,adjustable;Aluminium alloy,durable in use;Silicone material,well protective.

  • Environmental PC+ silicone, anti-slip and durable;Mechanical spring clips, stable and solid;360 degree adjustment, free to control; mini and portable, wide vision.

  • Strong magnetic, stable adsorption; Independent internal magnetic field, signal no effect;Easy to use, safe to drive; Small size, no block view.

  • Aluminum alloy material, steady support;Flexible rotating ball, multi-angle rotation;Silicone pad, anti-slip, durable in use;Oxidation blasting process, fashion and light.

  • USAMS US-ZJ049 Center...

    价格 US$ 2.09

    Strong magnetic, stable adsorption;Independent internal magnetic field, signal no effect;360°rotating ball, convenient to adjust the angle;Easy to use, safe to drive.

  • USAMS US-ZJ050 Dashboard...

    价格 US$ 1.99

    Strong magnetic adsorption, stable to support;Pasted anywhere, wide compatibility; Easy to use, safe and fast;Small size, wide vision.

  • Design for Apple watch and earphone, convenient to charge;Cable groove design, no winding;Precise mould, accurate matching of charging cable; Environmentally friendly silicone, resilient and anti-fall

  • USAMS US-LE001 LE Series...

    价格 US$ 6.09

    Cool and fashion, small and portable;BT 4.2 , stable and efficient;Good sound quality, clearly calling;Electroplating process, durable in use.

  • USAMS US-LK001 Unilateral...

    价格 US$ 3.99

    PC material case;Smart one with two connections;When the camera mode is on, press and hold the multi-function button for 2-3 seconds to take a photo;Bluetooth 4.1 large broadband technology

  • USAMS US-LN001 Le Yun...

    价格 US$ 7.19

    Bluetooth 4.2, stable connection;ong wear no pain, stable and secure;HD call, excellent sound quality; Voice prompt, compatible with a wide range

  • USAMS US-YD001 Sports...

    价格 US$ 9.19

    Comfortable and reliable, suitable for sports; Metal cavity, perfect heavy bass effect;Magnetic design, anti-wrap, easy to store;BT 4.2 chip, stable and efficient.

  • High quality sound, pure tone;Humanized design, comfortable to wear;In-ear design, noise-cancelling, quiet and enjoyable;TPE wire, wear-resisting , and anti-twisting.